I am an avid skier. I ski at Squaw Valley a few days per week.
In the spring, which in California means most of April and May, I try to get as
many days as possible skiing the Eastern Sierra back-country. This is home to
some of the best skiing in the world. A combination of stable maritime
snowpack, high peaks and steep couloirs make the East Side a unique place.

Some of my favorite places:

-Dana Plateau, which has many steep couloirs facing East and North


-Bloody Couloir (aptly named, I think, as the entrance is quite intimidating,
unless you spent 3 hours climbing it first)
-Mt. Emerson North Couloir
-Mt. Dunderberg North Couloir, which, when skied together with the Green
Camp Couloir, allows 3,700 vertical feet of skiing.

I also heli-skied in Alaska, which has incredible powder skiing and STEEP
terrain, Europe, Russia (Kamchatka and Krasnaya Polyana), South America
and New Zealand.

The best tree skiing I ever had was in Krasnaya Polyana, hip deep powder in
this first growth, deciduous forest, where you could see 1,000 ft in front. (This
is in contrast with most of the forests in California, clear cut almost a hundred
years ago and because of it, very tight.

Which brings me to my views on
exporting lumber and agricultural products.