Why is the U.S.
acting like a
third world
In the Pacific Northwest, as well as many other parts of the country, there is a vast amount of logging that
devastates the environment. Of course, once a forest is clear cut, it is being planted again with trees. But the
damage to the animal life and the biological diversity is already done.
Anyone who has walked thru a first growth forest sees that second growth forests are a palid imitation.

A large percentage of the wood harvested is exported... which is what undeveloped countries do: export raw
materials. One might ask why do we damage our forests to export lumber, and get minimal revenues from that.
Could it be some lobbying in action?

California today exports rice to China and Japan!!! Rice growers get minimal revenues, and again, the damage
to the environment is immense. And the water consumption! California is running out of water, and we export